February 5, 2015 is election day, 5 days to go.

Find your Candidate

Know and Find your Candidate

Know your Candidate

Once a candidate has registered and/or been nominated with Elections Ontario, we will publish on this website the candidate's: name, electoral district, political affiliation, date of registration, date of nomination, and contact information.

There are two statuses for candidates: registered and nominated. Once a candidate has achieved either of these statuses, the information is considered public and will be posted on this website.

Candidates are considered registered under the Election Finances Act once the Writ(s) for the election has/have been issued and their registration form has been approved. The earliest date that a candidate can be registered is the date of the Writ. All candidates must register prior to polling day.

Candidates are considered nominated under the Election Act as long as, at the time of signing the consent to nomination, they:

  • are 18 years of age or older; and

  • a Canadian citizen; and

  • have resided in Ontario for the six months preceding polling day;

  • and are not disqualified by the Legislative Assembly Act or by any other Act.

Nomination Papers must be submitted at the returning office, and candidates must give their consent, in writing, to be a candidate.

From the day the Writ(s) of election(s) has (have) been issued until Nomination Day, we will post all registered and nominated candidates on this website.

After the close of nominations, we will post only the nominated candidates. The names of the nominated candidates will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order by surname.

Find your Candidate

Audet, Jean-Raymond

The People
4000 Lawrence Ave Toronto Ontario M1E 2R3

Olivier, Andrew

2365 Bancroft Drive Sudbury Ontario P3B 1T7

Peroni, Paula

PC Party of Ontario
555 Barrydowne Road Sudbury Ontario P3A 3T4

Pokonzie, Ed


Popescu, J. David

3-374 Bessie Ave Sudbury Ontario P3C 4H5

Robinson, David

Green Party of Ontario
105 Elm Street Suite E1 Sudbury Ontario P3C 1T4

Shawbonquit, Suzanne

Ontario NDP/NPD
904 Barry Downe Road Sudbury Ontario P3A 3V2

Thibeault, Glenn

Ontario Liberal Party
1351-E Kelly Lake Rd Unit 5 Sudbury Ontario P3E 5P5

Turmel, John

50 Brant Ave Brantford Ontario N3T 3G7

Waddell, James